We believe you deserve the mood you seek – and the taste you crave

At mood33™, we’re passionate plant activists bringing you the synergistic superpowers of all the beneficial hemp plant nutrients in a convenient, natural beverage – mindfully sweetened to create four totally bliss-inducing, fruit-forward flavors. We customize each of our herbal tea blends with powerful botanicals carefully selected to harmonize with hemp and take you where you choose to feel in the moment – whether it’s more Joy, Peace, Calm, or Energy.

With 33mg of Full Spectrum Organic Hemp extract per bottle, you get more of the good feelings and positive vibes of hemp than any beverage out there – like a full body massage at the cellular level. And our proprietary mood33 technology offers you increased bioavailability and fast-absorption, so you quickly feel the effects. It’s a way better way to enjoy hemp – in the mood that’s right for you, right now.

The Number Behind the Name

For thousands of years, religions and spiritual disciplines have encoded sacred wisdom into numbers. We refer to this secret language as numerology, a system that reveals deeper levels of meaning through certain numbers. Even literary giants like Shakespeare and Dante used 33 and other numbers symbolically. It just so happens that 33 makes the perfect amount of milligrams to maximize the power of hemp. But there’s more to 33 than meets the eye, although we do love those double curves. In fact, when two 3’s face each other, they create a visual symbol of infinity and the ancient concept of “as above, so below” that embraces the balance of heaven and earth, spirit and humankind.

Numerologists proclaim 33 a Master Number, embodying the energy of compassion, inspiration, awareness and manifestation. It’s also 3 times 11, the auspicious number of synchronicity – letting those who see it know they’re on the right path. Like you are – since you’ve found the way to elevate your state – with mood33.

…in the power of plants to nurture, heal and elevate.

…in combining plants together synergistically to deliver powerful benefits.

…in sourcing ethically and sustainably.

…in empowering our communitea and everyone we work with.

…in good times, chilling out, playing in nature, moments of peace and laughter.