Enjoy the Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp

We proudly honor the whole hemp plant and use the full spectrum of its ingredients in our mood33 beverages – hundreds of plant components that offer you a powerful, synergistic “entourage effect.” That simply means that the sum of all the plant parts working together give you way more benefits than the parts. The entourage effect increases the potency and effectiveness of the hemp ingredients as they interact with your very own endocannabinoid system (more on that below) to enhance your overall wellbeing, and help you feel calm, relaxed and elevated.

Some helpful HEMP definitions & distinctions

Full Spectrum Hemp

(Our non-intoxicating choice!) Contains every compound naturally found in the hemp plant including aromatic terpenes and all the good-for-you phytocannabinoids, THC (only .3% or less), and cannabigerol (CBG).

Broad Spectrum Hemp

Includes every compound naturally found in the hemp plant except for THC, which has been removed.

CBD Isolate

The product of a refined extraction process that removes all the plant matter from hemp to leave a pure, crystalline powder containing 99% cannabidiol (CBD). No taste, odor or THC remain. Does not offer the benefits of the entourage effect.

Why our bodies
need hemp

You have a built-in system of receptors that run along your nervous system, digestive tract and throughout your body called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Your ECS helps the body stay in balance. When you consume hemp, the phytocannabinoids bond with your ECS receptors and may offer benefits to the body like supporting digestion, enhancing the action of serotonin, and helping to calm the nervous system. We’re still learning about all the ways that hemp can improve your life, but we do know that when our ECS gets the support it needs, the body adjusts to a more desirable state, where you can experience greater relaxation, calm and focus.

Why mood33

is the way better way to enjoy hemp

There are so many reasons to love mood33. Here are our top 10:

It’s fully loaded!
Try beating 33 mg of full spectrum goodness. mood33 delivers the greatest amount of hemp plant extract of any beverage out there.

It’s a tea.
We love drinking mood33 because we know that our highly absorbable Full Spectrum Hemp goes to work after your first sip. And it tastes better than tinctures. We recommend mood33 super-chilled, so you can be super chill.

It’s soulfully delicious.
Feel free to try the competition, but we feel confident that our natural fruit and botanical ingredient blends, made with organic cane sugar, will elevate your taste buds as well as your state. Yum!

It’s high quality.
Our organic, ethically‑sourced hemp comes to you from small communities of farmers who really care about growing the best plant possible so you can reap the benefits of their superior phytocannabinoids. That’s what we call Plant Power!

It’s clean and safe.
Unlike other hemp products, you never have to worry about artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors in our non-GMO beverage. We use the finest, sustainably-grown hemp, free of pesticides and herbicides, with a stamp of approval from our 3rd party tester.

It elevates your state.
We custom-crafted each mood33 blend with herbs, fruit and other botanicals that interact synergistically with full-spectrum hemp to create a desired mood state. It’s a way better way to experience Peace, Calm, Wellbeing, Joy, Passion and Energy!

It’s non-intoxicating.
Hemp and THC-rich marijuana are both varieties of Cannabis sativa, but to be legally called hemp, the plant must only contain .3% THC or less. So you can enjoy all your activities without intoxicating effects.

It’s convenient and
ready to drink!

Grab our sleek,stunning cans with the re-sealable twist-off top and hit the road, the subway, the wild outdoors, a party or your cubicle.

It’s an icebreaker and friend magnet!
Who wouldn’t want to check out our unique can and ask you what’s in it? mood33 is perfect for social events and sharing when you want something other than alcohol. (We love bringing people together with mood33.)

It enhances your caffeine experience.
The phytocannabinoids in mood33 help to balance symptoms of jitteriness and anxiety that can be generated when you drink caffeine, for a greater sense of calm and a smoother energy experience. And you can enjoy your caffeine and hemp at the same time when you choose Joy, Passion or Energy mood33.